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What is this? OK RPG! is a simple tabletop role playing game that is free, versatile, universal, and beginner-friendly. It's designed to be printed and folded into a pamphlet. The game is easy to read, play, and run. It's a complete and comprehensive game system; it explains play from scratch, with no assumed experience with RPGs. The rules are designed to cover any situation that might arise during play, with no need for house rules or guessing. It's lightweight enough to get a one-shot going in 5 minutes, but robust enough to support long campaigns.

So what do I do? Think of it as an improvisational theatre activity, but instead of being on stage, you're at a table with friends. You'll decide on a story to tell, and portray the characters and events in that story. You'll tell everyone else what your character is saying or doing, and occasionally roll some dice to see if it works out.

Who even are you? I'm Skip! I'm a dad, an elementary school teacher, a strength enthusiast, and a player & designer of roleplaying games!

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